About the Product suggestions category

A place for your ideas and suggestions for the Actyx product team.

What could be EVEN BETTER about the Actyx platform? Have an idea for a killer feature? Share it here! We’re excited to hear all your creative ideas and consider things we maybe hadn’t thought were important.

ground rules to keep our engineers sane:

  • This isn’t a Support thread - if you have current issues, please post appropriately elsewhere
  • Please no “i want this too” type responses, use the like button instead
  • Keep it positive - we all get frustrated sometimes, but this is not a vent thread
  • Be Specific - Tell us exactly how changes you are suggesting would improve the product, the workflow, the UI, or whatever you feel could be better! The more time you spend outlining your use case the more likely we are to be able to properly consider your request.

We’re expecting that many of you will share awesome ideas - but we’re expecting that we won’t be able to implement some of them. That doesn’t mean they are bad ideas, but they might not fit with our roadmap. Doesn’t mean you aren’t smart. :smiley:

If you are interested in what we have planned for the coming months, please check out our public product roadmap!

Off you go!

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