Actyx on Android: failed to start node

One of our Tablets was working fine for days.
When suddenly the UI-Terminal-App shows no more data, but only the message:
Cannot connect to Actyx

When starting the Actyx-App an Error pops up:

Picture 1: Error in Actyx-App while Terminal-App has no connection

After restarting the Tablet theres still an Error:

Picture 2: Error in Actyx-App after restart

I checked the Settings:

  • It does not use much storage-kapacity.
  • Cashe is not that big.
  • Everything seems fine.

After uninstalling and reinstalling the Actyx-App and Terminal-App:
Everithyng is working fine again.

We are running Actyx 2.10.1

But how can i avoid to get this error again?

Thanks for reporting!

Stream 2 is the internal metrics stream, and the error message says that an array of size 32–255 (which would start with 0x98) is not expected for type Index (which is correct). I’ve seen this once before last year in a different context but was unable to find out how this particular corruption had occurred. If you ever encounter this again (which may be unlikely), it would be awesome if you could save the actyx-data folder before reinstalling Actyx and send it to us for further inspection.

The second error is then a consequence of the first, where a restart of the Actyx infrastructure by the Android APK runs the initialisation code a second time — this wasn’t foreseen in our code and will be fixed in the next update, so that you always get the real error in that dialog.

Sorry that I can’t fully answer your question today.