@actyx/pond: queryKnownRangeChunked - empty tag makes subsequent query stuck

When using queryKnownRangeChunked with Tags that contain an empty entry – like Tags("tag_1", "") – the query finishes correctly but the subsequent query won’t finish (regardless of its tags). That means the onComplete function is called for the first function call (with the empty tag) but not for the second one.

The issue only occurs when querying the actual ActyxOS and not when using the Test Pond.

Reproducing the error

I’ve created a GitHub repo to give an example:

You just need to run npm install and npm run start .

@actyx/pond: “^3.0.2”
ActyxOS: 2.3.0

A tag is defined to be a non-empty Unicode string, so your example shouldn’t work at all — the fact that the query finishes correctly would be a bug in itself. Also: such a query cannot match any event because it should be impossible to store an event with an empty tag.

Thanks for reporting!