Actyx Time Machine - Troubleshoot your Fishes/Twins and Events

Actyx Time Machine


Actyx Time Machine is a graphical tool (web application) which aims to help developers who work with Actyx to troubleshoot their twins/fishes and the corresponding events. More specificially, if during the execution of your Actyx solution (either in a staging environment or in production) a twin/fish enters an unexpected state, you’d want to find out which event caused this state-change. To do this, the Time Machine gives you the tools to select the events that are relevant to your problem and shows the state-change of your twin/fish that each of these events has caused.

Technical Details

The web application (which is based on React) is hosted directly on the machine of the user, so it can access the running ActyxOS instance. The user can import the twins/fishes of their own Actyx project into the application to examine the behavior of the twin/fish when events are being entered into the onEvent-function. These events are being queried from the ActyxOS instance running on the same machine. Before applying the events on the twin/fish, they can be filtered by their tags and timestamp or even manually selected using the sliders shown in the screenshot above. The “Results” section then displays the last applied event and a diff-view of the occured state change of the twin/fish.

Get it on GitHub

Feel free to ask me any questions and tell me what you think here or raise issues on the GitHub page if something doesn’t work right.


That’s freaking awesome!

I’m playing around with it in my current project.

Thanks for sharing!, that’s incredible, thanks for sharing and also for identifying and documenting the issues you found along the way!

I’m currently playing around with it and am sure it will come in handy sooner rather than later.