Advanced Tutorial


i am currently working myself through the Advanced Tutorial / Advanced Example
from the Actyx-Docs.

running the UI’s is working well:

npm run ui:dashboard:start
npm run ui:order-management:start

running the node seems to work in the first place:

Terminal says:

npm run node:wago-connector:start

> actyx-andvanced-example-project@1.0.0 node:wago-connector:start
> nodemon --watch src/wago-connector --exec ts-node src/wago-connector/index.ts
machine state { stateType: 'undefined', name: 'Wago Connector' }

but (even after multiple node-restarts and browser-refreshing)
the site does not show the Machine-Button.
And the “Place Order” Button is still disabled.

This is what i did so far:

I got the Code by cloning the Git-Repository into my VScode.
I did load the latest npm

git clone
npm install

i had the same Parcel-issue as @wofr explains in his thread
change the parcel version in package.json

"parcel-bundler": "^2.0.0",
"parcel-bundler": "^1.12.3",

After that, I finally could run the UI’s and node but ran into the problem mentioned above.

Inside (for example) the wago-connector/index.ts it says that pond.emit(...) is out of date.
Don’t know if that has something to do with my problem?!?


Sorry for the delay, the tutorial expert is currently on vacation. Pond.emit is deprecated because it doesn’t wait for the event to be published before the program continues — in that sense await Pond.publish(...) is much preferred. I’m not familiar with the tutorial’s code, but I’d start by checking the events inside Actyx to see whether the issue is in the UI or in the business logic. You can use the Node Manager’s Query tab or ax events query localhost, and I’d start with FROM allEvents (see here for more information).



EDIT: Pond.publish directly returns a Promise

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I try to get along with pond.publish

I can work with the example given in @Dipta-IIC-EU 's Thread.

That’s of course even better :slight_smile: Please don’t hesitate to ask in case you encounter something you can’t explain.

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