AXP Updates


Create a new project within seconds and start something awesome! This tool allows you to create a TypeScript Node.js or a React application with one command.

:package: Installation

Install the Actyx-Project-CLI globally and use it wherever you are.

npm install -g @actyx-contrib/axp

:bookmark_tabs: Documentation:

Read the full documentation at

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Today, We also proudly announce that we add Cordova support in version 1.3.0.

if you already have and React application in your project. Add it with the command:

axp addFeature ui-worker cordova

This will generate a Cordova directory in your application folder (e.g.: src/ui-worker/cordova). As soon as this is done, the magic is over and you are back in the probably well-known eco-system of Cordova. You can add platforms as you prefer, and build your app as an Android APK, as an electron app, or whatever platform you like to support.

See the Cordova getting started to get up to speed. Documentation - Apache Cordova

:nerd_face: Cordova build hooks

To get this working we use the Cordova prebuild hook, to build your UI application and copy the output into the Cordova project (www-folder). To get Cordova working and keep your app source code untouched, it will automatically insert the Cordova dependency into your index.html.

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Iā€™m happy to announce that we updated the AXP tool to support Actyx-Pond-V3. :tada:

The minimal required files for an app got reduced a lot. Check out our last session of the office hours to see the update and how to create a developer certificate.

If you are missing the docker file? We kept it as a feature you can add optionally. Use axp addFeature nodeAppName docker to add them to your node application.

:timer_clock: Backwords compatible

If you are still working with Actyx Pond V2 or V1 (hopefully not), the new axp version still supports it.

:nerd_face: New Project

If you like to create a new project, Actyx Pond V3 is the new default, but you could overwrite it with axp init -v 2 to create a V2 project.

:rocket: Migrate to Version 3

The migration of an existing project is in your hands. Update the dependencies, @actyx/pond to >3 and the @actyx/os-sdk to the @actyx/sdk, and add your application manifests.
Finally, open the package.json and update axp.pondVersion to 3. Your new projects will get generated with the Pond V3 structure.

Happy hacking!