Distribute Receipe in Actyx Node

Maybe stupid question! Our receipe management system is hosted in a Cloud. Our machine request parameter to Receipe Management system and create natural latency due to Cloud. We start to move our architecture to push Event as new production order launch. Can make sens that Actyx Node subscribe to event in order to store needed informations before automation need/ask this informations? Thanks

Yes, indeed, that makes a lot of sense: if you store all recipe updates (that happen in the cloud) as events in your Actyx swarm, then you can get rid of the cloud request from your Actyx nodes. The usual way to process these events is by creating a RecipeFish that listens to all updates for a certain formula so that you can use e.g. Pond.observeLatest() to get the current recipe — this will happen purely local to the Actyx node and should be really quick (unless you do a million changes to a single recipe).