ECONNREFUSED when using node-red actyx

Hi there,

I’m trying to use actyx (v2.8.1) with node-red (v2.1.3, on windows), following the instructions here: Node-Red - Actyx Pond V2 integration - #2 by alex_AX.
However, I always get the ECONNREFUSED error and the node-red just crashes.

Did I miss anything here?

Hi Dipta,

the actyx-contrib/node-red-contrib-actyx-pond module is not compatible with Actyx v2: it targets ActyxOS v1 only. In ActyxOS, port 4243 was used for websocket communication between Pond and ActyxOS. In Actyx v2 this websocket has moved to the proper Event Service API at localhost:4454/api/v2/events, where it is found and used by the Pond v3 and Actyx SDK packages.

The best solution will probably be to implement a tiny custom NodeRED node that uses the Actyx SDK to subscribe to the events you want and emit them via the node.send() function (as shown in the NodeRED docs).