Error "TypeError: this.multiplex(...).map is not a function" in WebConsole when using Angular 11 and Pond in production mode

After upgrading my Angular 10 project to Angular 11 i ran into an issue. When serving the app in production mode i get the following error in the webconsole of my browser:

This is all i am doing:


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an angular 10 app via the angular cli
  2. Install @actyx/pond

npm install @actyx/pond --save

  1. Modify the AppCompnent like this


(4. run “ng serve --prod” and check the console, to veryfy that it works in angular 10)
5. Update to Angular 11 using the following command

ng update @angular/core@11 @angular/cli@11

  1. run “ng serve --prod” and check the console, to see the error

I created a minimum example: (660,6 KB)

@wwerner and i took a few hours to solve this, but its just a simple thing.
Just set “optimization” equal to false in angular.json:


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