Failed to run chat app with Actyx Pond

While running this tutorial (on Windows) I run into the problem that while starting the app crashed.

…index.js: Invalid Version: undefined at new SemVer (C:\Repo\PlayGround\Actyx\chat\node_modules@babel\preset-env\node_modules\semver\semver.js:314:11)
at compare (C:\Repo\PlayGround\Actyx\chat\node_modules@babel\preset-env\node_modules\semver\semver.js:647:10)…

The problem is that while calling npm install some wrong depencedies are collected.
The following workarround fixed the problem:

  • change the parcel version in package.json from ^1.12.4. to 1.12.3
  • Delete package-lock.json and node_modules
  • Run npm install again

This happens due to this issue in parcel: Invalid Version: undefined · Issue #5943 · parcel-bundler/parcel · GitHub

The workaround suggested by @wofr (Thanks! :pray:) works and we are not aware of any ill side effects. The tutorial is currently being updated to use the working parcel version.

Same for the axp tool (@actyx-contrib/axp - npm). If you download the new version, it is fixed to version 1.12.3 now.

Thanks for reporting it!