Failing to run actyx node on docker

Hi all,

with version 2 i am unable to create a actyx instance in docker. I used the start script as described on the homepage and am failing to get a actyx instance for latest and 2.0.1 I always get a go exception “exec format error”

This is what I do:

docker run --name actyx -it --rm -v actyxos_data:/data --network=host actyx/actyx:2.0.1
standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused "exec format error"

I am on Docker version 19.03.14, build 5eb3275d40
with Ubuntu 18.04

Hi @dhaag,

Thank you for posting this and apologies for this problem. Something has indeed gone wrong in our brand-new continuous delivery pipeline.

We are working on an immediate fix right now. We will get back to you as soon as it is fixed (hopefully in the next hour).


Hey @dhaag,

thanks again for reporting this! We just pushed a new image and re-tagged them with latest and 2.0.1. Please give it another try after doing a docker pull actyx/actyx:2.0.1 to get the recent image.

The issue was that the tagged image was only meant for arm64, rather than being a proper multi-arch image. This has been fixed now.


Hey Oliver,

thanks for fixing this so quickly! Yes it works now and the node manager connects to it successfully.

Best Regards,

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