Filter for tags with id

Hi Roland,
we were just starting to test the new AQL features. We noticed, that the documentation states nothing about filtering for tags with an id. Is this feature available yet?


Found it by accident. It can be done like this: tag:id

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Hi Mike,

thanks for bringing this up. I agree the docs should include the :<id> convention in the ‘tagging’ department and probably as an example in the AQL docs.

A bit of explanation why it looks the way it does now:
Tags simply are arbitrary Unicode strings. The <entity>:<id> tag syntax is a convention used by Actyx Pond and supported through the Tag.withId() helper. In Typed Tags, this concept is described touched upon.

But, as I said, since this is a ubiquitous pattern when working with Actyx Pond, we’ll make the docs more clear in this regard.

Thanks again,

FYI, the docs have been updated accordingly:

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