How to use the subscribe API?


I’m trying to use the event API.
For publishing event, it worked as expected.
However, for the subscribe, there is no response. I am using thunder client for VS Code, and the response is as follows:

I followed the instruction here Events API | Actyx Developer
For the authorization, it surely worked because I used it for the publish API without any problem.
I used the allEvents tags to get everything.

I tried to publish some events after sending the subscribe request, both from the publish API, and from the program I wrote in Typescript using Actyx SDK. Neither of the events showed up in the subscribe API response.

Did I miss anything? Thank you for your help!

Hello @Dipta-IIC-EU ,

The issue is, how thunder client works.

The thunder-client is collecting all the data chunks and waits until the HTTP response is “complete”. But in a subscription, this will never happen.

If you click image, you can generate a curl request to query the events in your terminal.

Wow @alex_AX thank you!
I can confirm that now this works very well. :+1:t3:

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