Meta: AQL features

Hi everyone!

Today’s 2.2 release marks the beginning of more rapid feature development in terms of Actyx query capabilities. The goal is to provide a good answer to the question of “how do I get all those valuable insights out of Actyx without putting all events into a database first?”

Over the past weeks we have spoken with many of you and collected common use-cases and pain points. Over the coming days I’ll publish a series of feature proposals that I think we can implement over the coming weeks. Creating a query language from scratch is a daunting task (even though we take lots of inspiration from SQL, jq, etc.) and needs a lot of care to avoid being locked into wrong decisions. Therefore our approach is to first propose a spec, then get feedback, then implement as internal alpha, then public beta, and only once you have tried it out and found it useful will it be released as a stable feature.

The first such feature are the time ranges and event key ranges just added as beta features to Actyx 2.2.0. If you have any thoughts or remarks on this way forward or concerning specific feature ideas, please comment!