Node lost connection

Hello everybody

We are running Actyx 2.8.1 on an Android Tablet (Android 11). After a bit more then a month the tablet lost the connection and it also couldn’t be reached from the node manager. Restarting the app and even the device didn’t help. After cleaning the app data and reentering the topic everything was running fine again. I have also seen that there were already a bit more than 4 GB of data (30000 events) which in my opininon is a little bit much after such a short time.

Is there anybody that experienced also such behaviour and could help me?

Thanks in advance

Regards Pascal

Thanks for reporting, Pascal! This points towards the DB getting corrupted in some way, possibly the write-ahead log just became too big. I have yet to find out how that happens, but we have a workaround in 2.8.2, which will clean up the database and remove excess files upon app restart. I’ll let you know once I have uploaded a production build for Android 11, we haven’t integrated that in our CI pipeline yet (since it seems impossible to support Android 6–11 with a single codebase).

The Android 11 APK is available at Actyx on Android11 - #3 by roland