Run docker app on a Raspberry Pi 3B

What is currently the recommended way to run a PLC-Connector App on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2

Good morning @Mugdin,

The recommended way to deploy apps changed a little bit over the last month.

Pack your node app as a docker container and deploy ActyxOS and your container directly to the device. In the past, the Actyx-Docker-Runtime had many issues with the different operating systems, and we reduce the level of complexity here a lot.

This new approach allows you to use any fleet management or orchestration tools you prefer. e.g.: balena,, Docker swarm, Kubernetes, docker compose, to name some of them.

If you are already using the axp tool to maintain your project, run npm run node:<appName>:docker:build-aarch64 to create your image. After that, you can upload the image to a public repository like dockerhub use your fleet management or export the container as a file, move it to your destination device and import the container again.

Assuming actyx is already installed: How-to install Actyx

$ docker export appName-aarch64 > appName-aarch64.tar
$ scp appName-aarch64.tar <user>@<ip>:~/appName-aarch64.tar
$ ssh <user>@<ip>
$ docker import - appName < ~/appName-aarch64.tar
$ docker run -d --restart always appName 

As you can see, the target hardware has to execute x86_64 or aarch64 binaries. arm7 and arm are in the pipeline and will be released in the next few weeks.
Check out this post to start your RPi3 B+ with a 64bit kernel or install ubuntu 64bit with the raspberry-pi-imager

I hope this helps.

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