[SOLVED] AcytxOS returns an incorrect version

How can I report an error in software.

For example:
I just installed ActyxOS 1.1.2 for Linux under /usr/local/bin/actyxos

When I query the version, I get 0.1.0 instead of 1.1.2
acyxos --version returns 0.1.0

Thanks for sharing! I will forward this

Hi @Mugdin , thank you for reporting this bug! We just opened a new category for bug reports: https://community.actyx.com/c/bugs/ . I have re-categorized this ticket into the new category and we will update you here once we release a version with a fix for this bug.

Hi Mugdin, I wanted to let you know that we fixed this in the new ActyxOS version (1.1.5). You can find the release notes here.

Thanks again for reporting this bug!

I have tested it and it works. Thanks a lot!

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