Start Actyx with Windows without user login

Currently the windows installer is only beta and the way to get actyx to start with a windows system without a user logged in is to install docker and add a scheduled task, in order to start docker desktop along with the windows system. The installation of actyx is therefore a bit complicated and is not to be expected to be done by a customer.

The first version of the beta windows installer installed an actyx version which did utilize windows services and started with the system boot. This was very good and handy!
When installing with the new beta installer, actyx is not starting with the system anymore and it seems that it is not using windows services anymore.

Will this feature come back in the future, and when will the beta installer be a stable release?



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You’re right, Actyx is not a Windows Service anymore. We changed this to increase flexibility and make it possible to allow user interaction via the tray icon.

If you want Actyx to start without user login, you could setup a scheduled task with the --background flag (for disabling the tray icon as you start Actyx before login). Alternatively, you can use NSSM to install Actyx as a service (likely more stable). Here are two PowerShell scripts (installing/uninstalling) for using the NSSM that you could give a try:

Uninstall-ActyxOS-Service.ps1 (1.2 KB) Install-ActyxOS-Service.ps1 (1.4 KB)

Does that work for you?

Hi Max,
Thanks for yout quick answer!
For me as a developer this is not an issue at all. But for our customers it would be better to have an installer that just installs Actyx in a way, that it automatically starts on boot.

Communication between tray icon and windows service should be not an issue (seperate application for the tray icon, which communicates with the service over various channels), but what is meant with increased flexibility?

We would hope, that it could come back as a windows service.


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That’s right, when we switched our idea was to have only one app, but we could definitely also have a Windows Service a separate application for the UI.

I understand that you need ActyxOS to start without a user login if you are running ActyxOS on a server, but you are talking about end-users doing the installation of your app and ActyxOS themselves on their PC, right? I am probably missing something here, could you please explain why, in the case of a “normal” PC, you want ActyxOS to run on startup instead of after the login? Thanks!

No we are talking about a headless applications. Serveral computers connect to different machines to collect data (no UI, no logged in user). The customer should be able to easily extend the system by installing the software by himself.

Got it, in such cases it would be better if Actyx was available as a Windows Service.

We are currently planning to release a new version of Actyx that moves Windows out of beta in 6-8 weeks. For that release, Actyx on Windows will still run as a “normal” program. Afterwards, we’ll plan to make Actyx also available as a Windows Service. I’ll post here again when I have more info on the timeline!

Thanks for your feedback!

I’m moving this into the product suggestions category now so that other developers can also upvote / like this idea

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @MikeK , I’m not sure if you already read our blog post on Actyx 2.0, but we have a new MSI installer that installs Actyx as a Windows Service now.

It is currently by default using the LocalSystem account. Does that work for your use cases or do your customers usually want/need to choose the account that a service uses?

Hi @MikeK, we just showed the new Windows Installer in the Actyx Virtual Office hours, if you want to have a look without installing it yourself.

The demo starts here: Actyx AG - Office Hours S01E04 - Actyx Platform 2.0 🚀 - YouTube

@max @wwerner
We used the new installer recently and everything looks like we wanted to have it :wink:
Thank you very much for the support!