Version-Update Service


would it be possible for you to create some kind of service on the Download-Site, which purpose would be to send browser-notifications when a product is updated? The Problem is that it can be hard to keep track on when for example the Node-Manager or CLI was updated.
If there is such a system already in place, I would be happy to be told how to subscribe to such version-updates.

Best Regards,
Lennart Busekurs

Hi @LennartBusekrus , thanks for the suggestion! We currently announce all updates (products as well as contrib packages) in the announcements category here in the community forum. You can configure in your profile preferences → notifications → categories to always receive an e-mail whenever we do a new post. Does that work for you?

You can also sign up to our monthly newsletter here, it includes product updates.

If you’re interested in an RSS feed of a section in the forum, you could append “.rss” at the end of the URL.

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